Thursday, 19 November 2009

Introductions are in order

Bonjour, guten tag, hola, ni hao, namaste, olá, merhaba, konnichiwa, labdien, aloha, kaixo, fáilte, kia ora, góðan daginn, szia, salaam, yasou, ciao, hala, tere, mingalaba, hoi, здравствулте, g'day and hello there. How are you? Yes, you, how are you? You can’t expect me to do all the talking, otherwise this would be a monologue rather than a conversation. What’s that..? This is a blog, so this is a monologue? Hmm, this doesn’t bode well with me - those of you who know me personally will know that at times, I’m not one of many words. I suppose the nearest way this would be a conversation would be to make use of comments.. *shrugs nonchalantly*

As you can see from the title of this blog, I will be posting various thoughts which occur to me during times when I should probably be working and being “productive”. If you’ve come across this blog, there is a very high chance that you don’t personally know me. It’s ok, don’t feel embarrassed – I probably don’t know you either. As this is my first proper blog post (the previous one was for a project that I took part in), I suppose it’d be appropriate if I talked about myself for a bit – hope you don’t mind.

I'm currently reading the book Quirkology by Prof. Richard Wiseman, which discusses many topics, including the notion of how we describe ourselves. Ergo, I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce myself. The following is an excerpt which I’ve used over the years on various mediums to describe myself: “a Computer Science, Maths and Psychology enthusiast who likes art, amateur photography, comedy, indie music, magic and technology”. (Oh, and I like the colour orange too) Unlike my usual ramblings, it’s quite succinct. Over the next few days/weeks, I hope to go into these areas in more detail.

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